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Outsourcing of Financial Management

We understand that Company start-ups need some time before they are ready to commence trading, generate revenues, and find the right administration/accounting staff. We also recognize that international clients setting up new ventures in Singapore are generally unfamiliar with local bookkeeping practice, employment regulations and employee-related tax matters. In this regard, we provide customised financial management, monthly accounting and payroll services to help you out until you find your feet, without creating a dependency. Once you are ready to “go it alone”, we are happy to provide training to your new accounting staff for a seamless handover and continuation of the accounting systems we have implemented.


Our team of accountants closely manages the finance and administration needs of a variety of clients – from foreign-owned branches and subsidiaries to domestic start-ups, partnerships and sole proprietorships. This provides us with extensive knowledge on how to handle the finance functions of different businesses, from diverse industries, at varying stages in their growth. This means, whatever your line of business, by outsourcing your financial management functions to Aspri Associates, you are free to concentrate on other areas of your business – with confidence. Our level of involvement can be tailored to your specific requirements and budget.

We offer the following services:


In any company, the Financial Controller/Accountant plays a key role in controlling payments and collection from debtors and creditors, producing monthly reports, and ensuring the Company has sufficient cash flows to pay staff salaries, taxes, and expense claims on time.

When the Financial Controller/Accountant position in your company becomes vacant, it is crucial that you find a replacement as soon as possible. At Aspri Associates, we know that this is “easier said than done”, and that it might take you a few months to find the right candidate.

To ensure your business carries on without interruption, we are happy to take over the reins during the transition between permanent employees. We not only have the appropriate skills to do the job well, we also have a good understanding of your Company’s operations and internal dynamics from our existing relationship with you. Or, in the case of new clients, we are confident we have the aptitude to pick up this knowledge quickly. And, unlike with a new employee, you have the right as a customer to expect us to perform at full capacity immediately! Our professional retainer fee for this service will be much more affordable than that of the monthly salary for a full-time Financial Controller/Accountant or of a temp staff that needs to grow into their role.